• and its time

    and its time

    Christmas, here once again. Missing some serious snow. Depressing not to have it, but we're dealing. 

    Change is coming. Sewing some new seams from Sandy to Salt Lake City.

    Wish I had more space where I'm headed, but hey. Wherever you go, there you are.

    I wish my little sister would be a DJ. I wish she would start a youtube channel already. I wish she would start a blog where she notes obscure band lyrics to some of my favorite new songs like Dim the Lights by Wild Ones.

     Once again, another badass recommendation from Dani girl... a blog post (kind of) and I'm back to packing up #MelsOldHouse. A few lines from Dim the LIghts:

    Holding onto nothing

    We're pulling on new freeways

    Our youth is gone and so we revel in the new age

    I wanna go where I could turn into anyone