• waves will bring you down

    waves will bring you down

    En route on my latest route, and I see this. So I'm thinking, OK, Delta, I will.

    I fall in love so easily. Especially all things Tulum.

    I ended up getting caught in a serious downpour and finding the beach to myself. I'm no longer scared of the ocean or the air. It's land I'm not so sure about.

    And, also, etc., nice hotels. Let's talk about it.

    The Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen, I love you. I love the people that dreamt you up, designed every inch of your amazingness, and brought you to LIFE. I will definitely return to your gorgeous grounds.

    Check out a full rundown of the property here.

    I loved almost every inch of the design - but of course I have two complaints... Small but important. 

    Hooks. I understand modern luxury is a thing... but comfort should never be compromised. Make room for several more places to hang wet swimsuits and towels in the bathroom. Muchos gracias.

    Secondly, the plants surrounding the cenote spa entrance in the center of the property could use a little love. Kind of a missed note there.

    Otherwise, you're combination of meaningful design and spacial orientation are perfect, to me.

    I see what you did there, and I like it, a lot. Finding inspiration in all the things.